Artigiano, artista, lavorazione del legno, Firenze, Italia

Enrica Barozzi

Enrica Barozzi lives and works in Florence, Italy.


As a child, Enrica thought she had been found under a small tree, as said the song that her father had dedicated to her. And perhaps this is the origin of her great passion for woods and forests: places where she finds both the inspiration for her creations and the tree roots she transforms into works of art. But the forest is also the place  where Enrica feels joyful and free from all thoughts and where she goes back over and over again to renew her cycle of creation.




Prize for the sculpture "Castles in the air", Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.



Second prize for the sculpture "Adam and Eve", Montecatini Terme.



First Absolute Prize for the sculpture "Nereid", Montecatini Terme.



Prize Italia for the sculpture "Isaac's fear", Florence.



Prize "Golden Florin" of the city of Florence for the sculpture "Scutum", Florence.



 Prize Italia for the sculpture "Fragment", Florence.